Annual Sandbar Campout

It has become a tradition for this group to camp on the Alabama River each Memorial Day weekend. The sandbar chosen for the camp each year is called Burford's Bar, a large sandbar 10 miles down river from the Miller's Ferry Lock and Dam.

We resort to the cool waters of the Alabama to beat the summer heat until hunting season again opens in the fall. The campout has become a fun time to kick back, crack open a can of beverage, and relax. We cook and eat until we can't eat any more, then go for another cruise down the river.

Here's some classic photos from several of the camps. If you want to join us you're welcome to come along. We're looking forward to Campout 2000!

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Here's the group that 1st arrived on the bar in 1998.

Settling in for a big night!

The grill is fired up and fine dining is soon served.

Night falls on the bar.

Will Curry demonstrates that lantern fuel doesn't 
work very well in the torches! This one burned to the ground.

Here's the group the braved the night on the bar 
for the 1998 Camp. (The others went home before midnight!)

Lazy days along the river! The groups enjoys the
 sun and water after a short night's rest on the sand.

More lazy days on the sandbar!

Here's the slim crew that showed for the 1999 Camp!

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