2015 Deer Hunt 

    Ninety-two hunters killed 115 deer and 15 hogs.  Of the 115 deer, 61 were bucks and 54 were does.  


2013 Deer Hunt 

    Ninety-seven hunters killed 55 deer, 5 hogs, and one rattlesnake.  Of the 55 deer, 22 were bucks and 33 were does.  In 28 years this was the second rattlesnake killed during the hunt.  It was certainly a testament to the warm air that enveloped south Alabama during the week of the hunt.  The highs reached 80 and the lows barely dipped below 70.  Such temperatures caused the deer movement to come to a halt, resulting in well below our average harvest.  Larry Thompson, Jr. won the Cedar Lake Lodge Trophy hunt and plans to get after his buck early next season.    

 2012 Deer Hunt 

    Ninety-three hunters killed 124 deer, 7 hogs, and one bobcat.  Of the 124 deer, 63 were bucks and 18 of these were 8 points or higher.  Wilcox Academy graduate Eddie Black, who returns each year as a hunter, won the Big Buck Award with a 9 point kill.  Eddie wins a free 2-day hunt for 2013.  After a week of warm and rainy weather, a cold front pushed through just before the hunt and dropped the lows into the 20s and highs in the 50s.   Near perfect weather conditions aided the hunters in taking one of the best harvests of deer on this hunt in recent years.  At the Friday night fish fry, the drawing was held for the Cedar Lake Lodge trophy deer hunt.  Jim Schooler, of Lake Charles, LA, won the hunt and designated his grandson, Jordan Danna, as the shooter.  On Saturday afternoon Jordan killed a big 8-point at Cedar Lake Lodge, his first buck ever.  See our photo album for pictures as well as our Facebook page.        

 2011 Deer Hunt 

    Seventy hunters killed 94 deer and one hog during the weekend hunt.  Of the 94 deer, 35 were bucks.  Jeremy Gill took the Big Buck Award and wins a free hunt for the 2012 Deer Hunt.  Morgan Harper guided him to the 12 point buck.   The weather cooperated for the weekend as a winter storm approached following the hunt's conclusion on Sunday.   

 Webb Retires from Deer Hunt 

    After twenty five years of leading the most successful Alabama Independent School Association benefit deer hunt, Johnny Webb officially handed over the Hunt Coordinator duties to William Malone beginning with the 2011 Deer Hunt.  A special thanks is due to Johnny for a job well done!  George Fendley, Jr. continues to head the turkey hunt after taking it over a decade ago from his father, George Sr., who organized the hunt from its inception.  The turkey hunt is officially the longest running fundraiser in AISA history.         

 2010 Turkey Hunt 

    After a very cold winter that lasted well into March, the turkeys were slow to begin gobbling this spring.  This hunt, in its 39th year, was our biggest yet with 30 hunters attending.  Ten gobblers were killed and five missed during the day and a half hunt.        

 2010 Deer Hunt 

    Frigid temperatures for south Alabama greeted hunters on this year's hunt.  Lows dipped into the teens and highs were barely above freezing.  It can get too cold for deer hunting in south Alabama and such was the case this time as the deer movement really slowed during the weekend's hunt.  However, success was still had with 85 hunters taking 30 bucks, 60 does, and 10 hogs.  

2009 Turkey Hunt  

    Though the weather was less than cooperative with lots of rain prior to the hunt and quite a bit of wind during the weekend, twenty five hunters killed 8 gobblers and recorded 7 more misses.      

 2009 Gun Deer Hunt 

    Ninety-eight animals (bucks, does, and hogs) were killed during the 2009 hunt by 82 hunters that attended.  This year's hunt saw a dozen or more quality bucks killed that were sent to the taxidermist, including a few of the best bucks ever taken on the hunt.  The weather was warm on Friday and Saturday but after a front moved through on Saturday night, Sunday morning dawned real cold.  Larry Gandy killed the biggest buck of the hunt, a monster 10 point weighing 207 lbs.      

 2008 Turkey Hunt 

    There were 5 gobblers killed and one missed by the 24 hunters that attended the 2008 hunt.  Rainy conditions persisted on Saturday but cleared out on Sunday.  

 2008 Gun Deer Hunt 

    One hundred deer were killed during the 3 day hunt.  It was an off year for big bucks, though the weather was accommodating and the deer were rutting.  Gary Jansen killed the top buck on this year's hunt.  Special thanks to all who made the hunt another success.  

2007 Spring Turkey Hunt 

    The weather was nice and warm but the birds seem to have won most battles.  Only one turkey was killed but there were 3 misses in this year's hunt.  Nearly every hunter had a great hunt and had gobbling birds in their near vicinity.  

 2007 Gun Deer Hunt 

    Another successful hunt, though the weather was awfully warm.  The bucks were roaming and some nice ones were killed.  108 deer and 5 hogs were taken by 115 hunters.  Doug Baxley killed the largest of the hunt, a 9 point.    


2006 Gun Deer Hunt 

    A total of 88 hunters killed 68 bucks, 45 does, and 8 hogs during the weekend hunt.  With the hunt falling a little later in January, the bucks were on the move as the rut showed its signs.  Numerous quality bucks were taken during the hunt, regardless of the windy days and full moon overhead.  Dane Tilley won the prize for the largest buck by the W. A. Scoring Method, a fine 14 point.    
      Thanks again to everyone for another great hunt.  

 2005 Turkey Hunt 

    A total of 8 gobblers were harvested and 2 missed over the course of the day and a half hunt involving 27 guests.  Saturday started calm and cool but a few hours after daybreak the wind, resulting from a cold front that passed through on Friday, picked up to 20 MPH or better.  Regardless, the majority of the turkeys killed were on Saturday.  Sunday was calm and clear with a low of 37 degrees.  
      Thanks again to everyone for another great hunt.  This was our biggest hunt in a number of years.  

 2005 Gun Deer Hunt 

    The warmest early January on record took a toll on the 2005 hunt.  110 hunters took a total of 67 deer and hogs during the weekend.  
     An usually warm winter kept lots of browse in the woods for the deer to eat.  The acorn crop was blown to the ground during Hurricane Ivan and quickly rotted.  The result was that the deer kept to the thickets and moved very little during the day.  
      The weather turned cold again the week after the hunt and many big deer were killed in the area.  Unfortunately, it was too late for the 2005 W. A. Hunt.  
       Next year will surely be better.  But we had a great time during the weekend and we thank everyone for attending!

 2004 Turkey Hunt 

    A total of 6 gobblers were harvested and 2 missed over the course of the day and a half hunt involving 22 guests.  Thanks again to everyone for another great hunt.  The weather was great this year and everyone worked turkeys.
     One successful hunt was filmed by a film crew of Outdoor Alabama.  Barnett Serio, III killed a fine gobbler on this hunt that we expect will be included on the show in the spring of 2005.  The shows airs at 6:30PM on Fridays on the Outdoor Channel.      

2004 Gun Deer 

    Over 150 deer and 10 hogs were taken this weekend by our 109 hunters taking part in the hunt!  Several real nice bucks were taken as well.  The hunt began (3-day portion) in a cold, drizzling rain on Thursday afternoon which finally moved out Friday morning.  Temperatures remained in the 40s on Friday and the sun finally appears Saturday after a windy Friday afternoon.  The Saturday afternoon hunt was the best afternoon hunt and was followed by a cold and clear Sunday morning beginning at 22 degrees.  
      Overall the cold weather helped to make this one of the best years ever for total harvest of deer by the guest hunters.  
      If you have photos to share please do so.  Visit the PHOTO PAGE of this site for instructions on where to send your picture for inclusion in this website.  
      Special thanks to all who attended.  See you next year! 

 2003 Turkey Hunt 

    We had one of our best years for recording kills in quite some time.  Hunters took 6 gobblers and missed a couple more.  We experienced decent weather on Saturday but it turned poor on Sunday, however, that did not deter our guides or hunters.  Special thanks to all who guided and who attended this hunt.  

 2003 Gun Deer Hunt 

    Thanks to everyone---guides, landowners, and guests---for another successful hunt!  A total of 123 animals were brought to the skinning shed including 45 bucks, 66 does, 11 hogs, and one bobcat.  Hunters harvested one 10-point, two 9-points, six 8-points, and seven 7-point bucks.  The big buck prize was awarded to Don Statum for his 10-point taken with guides Dan & Chris Burford.  A total of 109 hunters were hosted this year.  
     The weather was good for the hunt.  Lows were at or below freezing for the morning hunts and the highs were in the 50s in the afternoons.    

 2002 Turkey Hunt 

     A cool and crisp weekend was on tap for the Spring Turkey Hunt, held this year in late March.  The season opened 5 days early on March 15th.  Though a lot of good hunts were enjoyed, only one turkey was harvested on the two day hunt.  Congratulations to Lathrop Smith on the kill.  As always, thanks to all of our friends that return each year to hunt this us.  

 2002 Gun Deer Hunt 

     A total of 122 hunters took 117 deer and 12 hogs during an extended weekend of hunting that presented both warm and cold weather along with rain.  The "early hunters" arrived to hunt in 70 degree weather on Thursday afternoon.  Friday saw the warm weather remain and on Saturday rain fell during most of the day.  By Sunday morning the temperature dipped to 31 with a heavy frost.  As you can imagine lots of nice bucks were taken on Sunday morning in the frigid weather.  

     If you have a photograph to share from the hunt please see the photo page for instructions on how to forward us your picture.  We would like to share it with our website visitors.

     As many of our hunters return each and every year, the weekend is always a fun reunion that is greatly anticipated by all involved.  We would like to thank each of you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you in Camden again in 2003.  We extend a special thanks to Jim Schooler and the Heil Corporation for their tremendous support, including their sponsorship of Friday night's fish fry.  And to our Huntmaster, Johnny Webb, thank you for your work 365 days a year to make certain that the hunt is a success time and again!    

  2001 Turkey Hunt 

     Another fun weekend of turkey hunting was experienced on March 31st and April 1st!  Twenty two hunters bagged 5 longbeards during the weekend hunt.  

     Special thanks to Club Limited for their unwavering support of the hunt.  We were also pleased to host a former President of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Shaun Viguerie, and his son Paul.  Both Vigueries bagged birds on the hunt.  

 2001 Gun Deer Hunt 

     After a very cold December, moderate temperatures greeted hunters for the 2001 Gun Deer Hunt.  The 2000-2001 Season was a slower one for most area hunters with many reporting a later than normal rut.  

      Doe season was extended for the entire season's length and this provided the opportunity for all hunters to take some meat home with them.  

     The Gun Deer Hunt was another great success with 138 deer and hogs taken.  Special thanks to all of those who attended.  We look forward to seeing everyone back in January of 2002! 

 2000 Turkey Hunt 

hs064.jpg (33156 bytes)    Changing weather was in store for the 2000 Turkey Hunt.  An approaching front made kept gobbling rather unpredictable this time around.  Yet five gobblers were taken on the hunt this year, including two hunters who took their first bird ever---Barnett Serio, III, and Hank Waldrop!  

     Special thanks to Club Limited for their support of yet another Wilcox Academy Turkey Hunt.  We look forward to seeing everyone back in Camden in April of 2001.  


 2000 Gun Deer Hunt 

Johnny Webb (center) & Ralph Martin (2nd from left) 
greet the arrival of guests.

The 2000 Gun Hunt was another great success, with approximately 147 bucks, does, and hogs harvested.  There were a total of 29 bucks that were to be mounted by the successful hunters.  

Hunters attending the hunt came from as far away as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Frank Friddle, Jr., from Honea Path, SC, received a cash prize of $500 for having the largest buck (by our scoring method, weight times points).  Frank's buck was a 189 pound 11-point.  John M. Hill of Rock Hill, SC, claimed a $250 prize for his 2nd Place, 191 lb. 9-point.  See photos of the 1st & 2nd Place bucks in the PHOTO ALBUM.  John Curren's 158 pound 10-point came in 3rd.  John's home is in Metairie, Louisiana.