Set back from the main highway and down a long, oak and cedar tree lined driveway, GainesRidge is located just a few miles from the small town of Camden, Alabama, in the south-central portion of Alabama.    





Built in 1837, GainesRidge has become a favorite dining destination for residents of south Alabama and beyond. 










The greenery and flowers surrounding GainesRidge enhance the beauty of this 173 year old home.  




GainesRidge accomodates parties of all sizes, small and large, in numerous dining rooms. 









A GainesRidge dining room. 




The rear dining room and its rustic decor is a guest favorite.  The winter months find a warm fire burning in this room's fireplace.        








The walls of the rear dining room hold an assortment of items from years gone by, including an oxen yoke, a wash board, and even an abandoned  hornet's nest. 



The back porch and adjoining brick patio accommodate guests in a outdoors environment.  









The patio area overlooks the rear grounds of the GainesRidge property.




An abundance of plants and flowers are found in every location of GainesRidge, including the patio area. 









The adjoining grounds of GainesRidge offer an excellent location for large crowds.  This shaded area is used for large gatherings such as wedding receptions and class reunions.





The swimming pool area of GainesRidge. 


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