The Horn Swamp Online was created in May of 1998 by William Malone, Jr.  The site was the author's first endeavor in web design.  His favorite pastime, the outdoors, was used as the content for his first web creation.

     His interest grew in web designing and the content of the website continued to build, filled with photos and experiences from his days in the south Alabama outdoors. 

     As the content of the site expanded, outdoorsmen from around the world found their way to the site to learn about the region's rich hunting heritage.  In the first three years of existence this small, obscure website recorded over 35,000 hits from around the globe.

     In 1999 the site began featuring a weekly update throughout hunting season sharing the latest outdoors news from the Swamp and surrounding areas.  Each week nearly 400 visitors log on to see the latest developments.  

     The Horn Swamp is a parcel of land located in central Wilcox County and is owned by the Malone family.  It is a private, family hunting club.  The Horn Swamp Online does not advertise any hunts in the Swamp, however, references to other reputable guide services can be found at various locations within the website.  


     The creator, author and website administrator of the Horn Swamp Online, William Malone, Jr. is a native of Wilcox County, Alabama.  He graduated from Wilcox Academy in 1989 and Auburn University in 1993.  After college he returned home to the family insurance business and his beloved Horn Swamp.  His hobbies include hunting, fishing, outdoor photography, website designing, and Auburn University sports.   




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