The use of traps is the most effective way to control the population of wild hogs. Traps usually strike at night when hogs move the most. 

      We use two types of traps---portable and permanent.  Our portable traps are made by a local welding shop.  They can moved easily moved in the back of a truck from one location to another, wherever the trap is needed.  In 2003 we began building permanent traps in the Swamp with plans to eventually have about 3 of these on our 1140 acres.  The permanent traps have several advantages.  They are open on the top allowing deer or turkeys to escape.  They are also larger, allowing more hogs to be captured at one time.  Below you will see photos of each style of trap.  Follow the links to the separate pages showing more information on each, including where you can buy the portable trap and how you can build your own permanent trap.  


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Tips on trapping hogs

     There is more than one way to skin a cat, and likewise, more than one way to catch a hog. Here's some of what we have learned.

     After placing the trap in an area used by hogs, we open the door and use a hook to prevent it from closing. We pile corn in and around the trap, using about 25 pounds worth. Don't set the trap until hog tracks are seen and hogs are confirmed to be using the traps. In areas with high deer densities, this is very important, as deer will likely be the first to investigate the trap.

     Hogs have a better sense of smell than even deer so it is important to wear rubber boots when in the vicinity of the trap. Check it every few days until you believe hogs are using it. Then re-bait with another 25 pounds of corn. This time, place no corn outside the trap. Pile it around the trigger only.

     It is now important to check the trap daily, once it is set. However, check it from a distance. Don't walk up to it. You will only leave more human scent by doing so and you will reduce your chances of catching hogs.

     If the hog(s) is killed in the pen, it will be difficult to use the trap again for a number of days. Hogs can sense trouble. Give it a week or so to cool off, move the trap 20 yards away, and hit 'em again.

     The best way to bait hogs to an area for trapping without baiting deer is the "hole method." Fill a 5 gallon bucket with corn and water and let it stand for one week. Dig a 3-4 foot hole in the ground with post hole diggers and fill it with the corn. Allow the corn to come within 6 inches of the surface. Put an inch or two of dirt on top of the corn. Deer will not be able to get at the corn very well. If hogs are in the area, they will smell the corn and come to feed. They will root a tremendous hole to get to the corn, so be careful where you put it. But they will come! And when they do, be ready with your trap.

     If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

They do work!

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