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     The future of hunting is being fought on many fronts in America these days.  Congress has been, and will continue to be, a battleground over the 2nd Amendment.  The recent flood of lawsuits against gun manufacturers threatens to bankrupt the gun makers.  Today's youth, many living in the city or unable to gain access to land thanks to high lease prices, are not being introduced to hunting at the rate that prior generation was.  These are all fronts where a fight must be waged.  Unfortunately, too many gun owners, hunters, and outdoorsmen do not fully understand the threats to our heritage and freedoms, nor do they believe how real they are.  

 The NRA 

     The National Rifle Association is the only organization with the strength to fight the growing tide of anti-gun legislation in Congress.  The NRA has had more success than any other such organization, yet a vast majority of gun owners are not members of this vital lobby.  That is disturbing, to say the least.  

     Some gun owners cite the fact that they do not agree with everything the NRA does and says.  Others cite the cost of membership, $35.  In my humble opinion those are lame excuses for standing on the sidelines while the game is in its most decisive moments.  Freedom has never come without a price.    What will these same gun owners think when the cost of their firearms license totals twice what an annual membership costs?  What will these gun owners say when they have to turn in their guns for a fraction of their cost?  

     If you care about hunting's future, the future of this country, and about the freedoms that our forefathers fought so bravely to protect, join the NRA.  The NRA has 3.2 million members and is steadily growing.  

 The 2nd Amendment 

     It happened in Australia and England.  Most guns were outlawed in those countries.  Today in Australia gun murders are up, firearms assaults are up, armed robberies are up, and home invasions are on the increase.  Taking guns out of the hands has of law abiding citizens hasn't stopped criminal activity.  In fact, it has had the reverse affect.  

     Yet many in Congress, particularly the Democrats, favor more restrictions in gun ownership.  They can't begin to enforce the laws currently on the books, nor to they intend to, but they are bound and determined to get guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, if nothing else.  

     The majority Democratic houses in California are leading the charge to outlaws guns in that state, making California a major turning point in the 2nd Amendment fight.  

 Gun Shows 

     I have no problem with them.  But I also feel background checks for those buying weapons at gun shows is a reasonable requirement.  Gun shows should not have loopholes.  I don't understand why so many oppose this. 

 Child Safety Locks  

     Safety locks are another good safety feature if you have young ones in the household.  Gun owners are responsible for their weapons and should take the utmost care to make sure they do not fall in to the wrong hands.  

 The Gun Lawsuits 

     What the anti-gun crowd couldn't do in the legislative branch, they are attempting in the judicial branch.  I feel this is our most vital threat!  A barrage of frivolous lawsuits threaten to bankrupt the gun makers.  Where will you buy your next turkey gun if Remington, Browning, and the others are no longer in business?  Thankfully, gun makers have been on the winning end of most of the suits so far.  Nevertheless, the legal bills continue to mount.   

 Youth & the Future of Hunting  

     Today's youth are not growing up in the outdoors at the same rate as the previous generation.  The youth are the future of the sport and are our future voters.  We must do all that we can to introduce them to our heritage.  Take a young hunter to the woods or the river with you whenever you can.  It is the least you can do to pass on our heritage.  

     Hunters and gun owners must stand up and be counted!  Our freedoms are at stake.  Once they are gone they are gone forever.   Write your legislators, vote, join the NRA or any other organization you feel is helping to fight for our rights.  If we all joined together we would be an unbeatable force.  If we continue our silence we are certain to fail.            



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