Friends of the Horn Swamp  


Will Fendley bagged these two birds on consecutive days of late season hunting in western Wilcox County, Alabama, during the 2000 Spring Turkey Season!  Both had long, sharp spurs and were Will's 2nd and 3rd gobblers of the season.  It is no accident that Will knows how to call in the old gobblers.  His family tree is full of successful turkey hunters including his father, grandfather, and several uncles.    

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Terry Hornady of Monroeville landed the large, 12 lb. striped bass in late July near the Claiborne Lock & Dam.  Mr. Hornady was guided & assisted by Camden's own Robert W. Smith.  

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Will Reaves took this buck in Wilcox County, Alabama during the 2000-2001 season.  


Johnny Webb & Billy Johnson hauled in these nice cats during the last weekend of January, 2001 while fishing Pine Barren Creek.  

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Joe Harvell of Camden took this buck with palmated horns in Wilcox County during the 00-01 deer season.  In an area where fallow deer are still present, some wonder if this deer may have some fallow deer genes.  


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