Turkey hunting is one of our favorite sports. In our county of Alabama turkey season opens on March 15th and runs through April 30th. The limit for our native Eastern Wild Turkey is one gobbler per day, 5 per season.    

     Only a few counties in Alabama still have a fall season. In those counties with a fall season, the spring season is 5 days shorter, ending on April 25. Wilcox County chose several years ago to close the fall season, extending spring turkey season until April 30.    


      The spring season is a great time to be out in the woods to watch the world awaken each day. After the cold winter the woods are just beginning to awaken with new life. When the season opens the trees are just beginning to bud. Turkeys can be heard for long distances in the forest. By mid-season the trees and bushes are greening up and the turkey's gobbles are harder to hear from a distance. By the last week of the season you must be very near a turkey to hear him.
      See tales and more photos from turkey season by visiting the Latest News page and the Latest News Archives.

2000 Turkey Season Live Photos 

Photos by William Malone, Jr.
March 26, 2000

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