Our traps were made by Carl Duncan, located in Camden, Alabama.  His traps are made of catch-pen panels and can catch a number of hogs each time it is set. Contact Carl at his welding shop at (334) 682-4865 or at home at (334) 682-5289. His traps can be loaded into the back of a pickup truck by one man.  Call Carl for a current price on the traps.  As of August 2008 these traps were selling for $475 each.    

Here's a Carl Duncan hog trap.

Trap Dimensions: 4' wide x 4' tall x 8' long

A close-up view of the trigger. A metal rod with a string attached is hooked under the angled rebar. The corn is piled around the trigger and the hogs eventually will disturb the metal rod, causing the door to fall shut.



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